Spending time and effort on your packaging can not only save you thousands of dollars it can be the key to whether your product fails or succeeds.

The work you put in testing, comparing and trialing your packaging can be the best investment you make for your brand, beyond any dollar value.

Packaging determines which buyers will stock your product in their store, how much consumers are willing to fork out for your product, where your product will sit on the shelf and most importantly, make a connection with the consumer in the first 3 seconds.

If your packaging is same – same, no one will make the effort of picking up your magnum opus and exploring the wonderful benefits it has to offer, or the relief it gives, or the sensations it creates.

You have spent so much time creating a product that you believe in, now you need to make the consumer believe in it as much as you do.  Packaging can do this and more, but you need to get the consumer to pick you up instead of a similar product right next to it.

There is no easy way of doing this, it takes time and courage.  So many people give up half way through creating a great product then change their minds and move onto something else, only to realise a year down the track, someone has thought of a similar idea and is absolutely killing it.

Stick to your dream, create something great, spend time on designing amazing packaging and you can only succeed.

Stuart Dinan

Art Of Packaging