This is a question all suppliers of Shelf Ready Cartons are asked on a regular basis.

There are many reasons for shelf ready cartons not to work as well as expected.

Quite often SRC’s are supplied using 100% recycled corrugate board that is constructed of various layers of paper to produce a fluted effect.

Although it is possible to tear along the perforation line of a corrugated board it is not an ideal substrate for this use.

Another reason for the Shelf Ready Carton not to tear well is fear of perforation breakage.

The Shelf Ready Carton has two important requirements; to hold and transport your carton under stress to its destination and then to tear away easily, cleanly and be a beautiful display.

Shelf Ready Cartons are packed full of product, sometimes refrigerated resulting in high moisture content then placed on pallets up to 1.2metres high, then double stacked onto a truck and shipped to its next destination.

By the time your shelf ready carton reaches its final destination, it may have endured several climate changes, heavy weight loads, rough transportation and then subjected to being torn open by someone who really doesn’t appreciate the ascetic value of shelf presentation.

It’s a lot to ask from a simple piece of board.